Projects: IDIQ

IDIQ Contract for Construction at Topeka Kansas VAMC

Blackhawk was awarded a Construction IDIQ contract to support the VISN 15 Contracting Office and is to fulfill the role as Prime Contractor to complete minor construction, repair, and alteration of existing real property facilities and assets at Colmery-O'Neil VAMC. The type of construction services include Demolition (including lead/Asbestos removal and Disposal); Concrete; Masonry; meal work; Carpentry; Thermal and Moisture Protection; Doors and Windows; Interior & Exterior Finishes; Specialties ( including Equipment & Furnishings); Fire Suppression; Plumbing; HVAC (including Testing and Balancing); Electrical ( including Communications & Security); and Exterior Site improvements.

Simplified Acquisition Task Order (VAST) IDIQ, Central Arkansas Healthcare System

Blackhawk was awarded the VAST IDIQ, in support of the Central Arkansas Healthcare System, North Little Rock, Arkansas for minor construction in occupied medical facilities as Prime Contractor. Each construction project will be awarded by an individual task order and be of varying complexity, specifying work in support of real property maintenance, repair, alteration, renovation, and new construction. Projects under this IDIQ may include, demolition (including lead/Asbestos removal and disposal); Concrete; Masonry; Carpentry; Doors and Windows; Interior & Exterior Finishes; Specialties ( including Equipment & Furnishings); Fire Suppression; Plumbing; HVAC; and Electrical.

IDIQ Contract for Construction at the Leavenworth Kansas VAMC


The scope of this SWD MATOC includes, but is not limited to, construction, renovation, repairs, preventive maintenance, environmental abatement, and operations activities. The contracts are not only intended to execute new construction, design-build and design-bid-build, but to provide a timely response to remediation of real and personal property facilities, e.g., maintenance, repair, asbestos and lead-base paint abatement, and minor construction situations relating to, but not limited to, civil, mechanical, plumbing, structural, electrical, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), instrumentation, anti terrorism and force protection.

Task Orders Awarded Under this Contract:

Task Order # Title Task Order # Title
0001 Fire Safety Upgrades Building 21 0008 Metal Door Installation
0002 Renovation of B42 Education Center 0009 T21 A5 Expansion at VAMC DDE
0003 Repair Domicilary Roof 0010 T21 Bathroom Renovations
0005 B122 Mold Removal 0011 Boiler Plant BEI Deficiencies
0006 Replace Cabinets in Building 160 at VAMC DOE 0012 Repair Water Main Building 150, Valves and Roadway Building 122
0007 Lead Sheilding at VAMC DDE    

Highlighted Task Order # 0002 Renovation of B42 Education Center

Contract Number: VA257-C-0934-0002

General Scope: Blackhawk for this task order, was responsible for providing expert supervision for all renovation work that was to be perform for the B42 Education Center, an historical landmark, that was built in the 1880’s as the Governors House for the VA Complex. Work that was implemented for the renovation is as follows: Demolition (including lead/Asbestos removal and Disposal), Concrete, Masonry, replacement of knob and tube wiring and upgrading electrical (including Communications & Security), installation of fire sprinklers in the existing walls and chases, interior and exterior abatement and painting (including Equipment & Furnishings), installing new HVAC system with all A/C-heating supply (including Testing and Balancing), restoring and refinishing the wood flooring to its original state, reroofing the house, adding a new bathroom on the first floor, and restoring the existing bathrooms. The most unique and challenging aspects of the work was removing, refurbishing, and reinstalling the existing windows, trimmings, and brass as requested in the specs by the Historical Society.

Blackhawks Role: Prime Contractor

B42 Education Center